Token Service

Eliminate the risks from a security breach by eliminating the data

A recent study sponsored by IBM indicates that in 2018 the global average cost of a data breach is up 6.4% over the previous year to $3.8 million dollars! Why store that data when you don't have to!

Illustration of a bank vault containing credit card another sensitive information

Fully integrated with the payment service

Our customized token service allows you to request a token via API, user interface, or from EdgePay Pivot, our in-session, JavaScript method.

Request as part of the payment or as a separate request.

You are obligated

Your merchant agreement obligates you to protect sensitive data per the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

PCI-DSS logo
Stylized illustration of EdgePay Token UI

More than just a vault

Request tokens for checks or credit cards. If you need something else stored, give us a call. Manage tokens, updating expiration dates or status. Even de-tokenize to get back to your secure data.

Need help storing sensitive data?