ACH Payment Services

Start taking ACH (checking account) payments and give your customers another way to pay!

Paying by checking account (ACH) continues to grow for businesses in the US. Whether you have an online, phone, mail, back office, or customer-present business, ACH provides your customers a low-cost alternative to credit card.

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We accept ACH payments from you the way that best fits your needs

EdgePay supports ACH payments delivered by our RESTful API, both debits and credits. We also support ACH via our online Virtual Terminal, Hosted Pay Page, Recurring Payment Manager, and in batch mode. Send us payments the way you need it. And if we don't have what you need, call us—we'd love to discuss how we can help you.

Supporting ACH as a payment type provides you with many benefits!

ACH typically has a much higher clearing/approval rate than credit card. The overall cost of ACH is also typically lower than other payment types. And with our auto-returns management process, the services are simplified for representment and collection service fees.

Want to add ACH payments?

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