Fraud Management Services

Fight payment fraud and keep good customers happy with our easy-to-use tools

Selling in the digital world today, with no geographic boundaries, and the ever-increasing loss of personal financial data due to breaches, makes it hard for you to fight theft. Let us help you fight the bad guys with our easy-to-use fraud management services.

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We use a multi-layered, multi-dimensional approach to identifying risky transactions for you

The payment network has incorporated many resources at the card brand and issuer levels. By leveraging their resources plus ours, the result is a more powerful service for you.

Use static, dynamic, geographic, and machine learning tools to ID risky transactions

No two businesses are the same. Use the resources that work best for your business to identify risky transactions while minimizing impact to your good customers.

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Easy to use and understand; easy to implement

Our basic service requires no IT work. Configure your specific needs with our user interfaces and start seeing immediate results.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you lower your loss write-offs while maintaining or improving your acceptance.

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