Recurring Payments

Simple, reliable recurring payments

Recurring payments can be complex to build and manage. With EdgePay RPM, we simplify both by reducing the integration to just one API/method and providing easy user interfaces in our Processing Center to assist in the management of your customers.

Illustration of a check and a credit card

Focused on the payments

Pay by credit card or ACH with backup payment options. For one-time, recurring, or use-based charges. Configurable retry options are available to automate for higher collections.

Keep your customers happy and keep them paying

Customers can be messy—expiring cards, NSF, or they just plain forget!

Our Account Updater service provides you with updated card numbers for all card brands, and you can configure customized notices of payments due, paid, or missed. Let's keep them happy!

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Stylized illustration of EdgePay user interface

Put your team in control

In our Processing Center, we provide your team with the capabilities to build new programs; add customers or contracts; add, modify, or deleted payments; and view your customers' history with one-click refund capabilities.

We also provide you with alerts on declined transactions and expiring contracts.